November 09, 2011


I've been sick. Sick, ick.
I'm slowly returning to the land of the living. Even though I look like I have one foot in the grave. I took a picture of myself so you could see what I look like as a sicky. I erased it immediately. For this, you should be thankful.
Here's something I'm not thankful for: I'm not thankful that I ate super spicy cajun food at Hay J's the night I got sick. Holy moly. I'll never be able to eat at that restaurant again.

But here's what I am thankful for, the things that make being sick so much easier:

1.  Toilets.
They're the perfect size for wrapping your arms around. Also, they have wonderfully comfy edges that I like to rest my weary brow upon.

2.  My toothbrush.
Me and my toothbrush, we're joined at the hip when I'm sick.

3.  Crest Complete Extreme Herbal Mint toothpaste.
Mint flavor is so wonderful after...well... other flavors.

4.  Listerine Total Care. The kind in the purple bottle.
See points 2 and 3. I swig this stuff.

5.  Castle.
That's my favorite tv show. I don't have tv, but I can watch it online. There's just something about lying there on my back, with my laptop on my stomach, watching Castle, puking during commercial breaks.

6.  My pillow, my blankie, and my little pillow that I can't sleep without.
They were there for me the whole time. Where I went, they went. My people were their people. If I had to lay on the bathroom floor, curled next to the toilet... so did they, without complaint. They didn't shy away from my germs either.

7.  Gatorade, crackers, and grapes.
Kept me from starving. Quenched my thirst. Soothed my aching, abused throat.

8.  Moma.
She gave me some gross drink that smelled like dirty socks, and Dramamine. I didn't finish the drink, but that Dramamine stuff... I loved that part. Knocked me out for hours.
Moma also ran to the store for my Gatorade and grapes, and she went to Liberty Lake three times to take care of some dog I was supposed to be taking care of all that day.

9.  Lysol.
Even though I hate the smell of Lysol, there's just something about it that makes me feel like I'm doing my part. Like I'm  fighting back.

10.  All you well wishers who kept texting me to feel better. Even though I did finally turn my phone off because you guys kept waking me up. But I love you for caring so much and it was so nice to see so many texts piled up on my cell when I finally came to. You guys are the best friends.

11.  God's mercy.
For indeed he was sick nigh unto death: but God had mercy on him.

It's the little things that matter when you're at death's door...