November 13, 2011

puberty: what it did to us

Who:  Me and my life friend, Aubriann.
Ages:  13 and 15.
Hair:  Hugely huge. Also, painfully big.
Dresses:  What the heck were our mothers thinking??? Those dresses are cruel and unjust.
Thing on Aubri's wrist:  Is that a corsage? Did she steal it from some nursing home?
Hair:  Massive. We didn't even have to try.
Eyebrows:  Bushy. The cause of many a boy's horrified glance. I can't even bear to look at those ghastly things.
Our faces:  Puffy.
Hair:  The 80's called, they want their hair back.
The two of us:  So absolutely convinced we were the hottest babes ever.

The two of us again:  Still convinced.
Hair:  I seriously can't stop staring at it.
My facial expression:  Curiously vacant looking. Probably from the strain of the giant scrunchie I was wearing on the back of my head.

Me, present day:  I'm so thankful for things like flat irons, thinning shears, and wax strips.
I was pretty much the hottest thing ever back in the day, but now (thanks to waxing and flat irons) I'm like, smokin'...