December 29, 2010

got milk?

Warning: Guys, you may not want to read this post. It contains breast milk.

I love milk. I can go thru a gallon a day.
You can have your Starbucks, your Red Bull, your freshly squeezed orange juice, but.....gimme milk.
It's my favorite drink, hands down.
..... Milk. It does the body good.

This is Brandi. She's my friend. That's her husband, Dan, with her.
He's bald.

One time, I went on a trip with Brandi and a few other women.
I filled a water bottle with milk, and took it along with me. I'm picky about what kind I drink.
On the way home, I realized I had forgotten to refill my milk bottle for the trek back.
I was pretty sad.
But, Jessie saved the day.
She had kindly refilled my milk bottle without me even asking.
"I knew you would need more for on the way home", she said. And she blinked her eyes sooo innocently at me.
I hugged and kissed her. I declared to everyone that no one was as wonderful as Jessie.
I took a big swallow of my milk, and swished it around in my mouth thoughtfully,"I think this milk might be sour. It has a funny taste."
They all laughed and laughed, every last one of those sadistic women. 
Just like hyenas.

Did I mention that Brandi had just had a brand new baby girl?

Turns out, the milk wasn't sour.
Turns out, Brandi had been pumping, and my milk bottle was the closest empty container on hand.
Turns out, it was breast milk, and I had just drank it.

I went over to Brandi's earlier today because she has another brand new little baby girl, and I wanted to see it.
I poured my own milk while I was there.