December 07, 2010


What I like about this week,
so far....

1) The Christmas tree.
Waiting to be all dressed up, and ready for a party.

2) The wood stove.
Generating heat like crazy.
My cold bones love it.

3) Ashley's winter pictures.
I can't wait to use one, Ash!
They're so beautiful.

4) Crest Extreme Herbal Mint toothpaste.
It's minty enough to make me feel hopeful that I, for once, have good breath.

5) The way Lily says, "Missmass!!!" any time she sees Christmas lights.

6) My friends.
You guys have no idea how much you mean to me, or what your smiling faces do for my heart.
You're a necessary part.

7) Dark chocolate.
Smooth, creamy, rich.
....I'm drooling.

8) The Hoover's sense of humor.
There's no way I can explain it.
You'll just have to take my word for's stinkin' funny.

9) That feeling I get in the cockles of my heart.
A sense of belonging. Security. Contentment.
A peaceful calm.

10) And church, of course!
I've already said it once this week, but I'll say it again....
I love church on Sunday.