December 19, 2010

just in case you wanna give me a present

It's my 27th birthday today.
I'll be thirty in three years.
I know because I just counted that out on my fingers.

This is me before I grew up....

Believe it or not, in spite of being fat, bald, and covered in mosquito bites, I won a beautiful baby contest one time.
The contest was at my great-grandmother Matilda's nursing home.
But it was still a legit contest you guys!
Moma says the old people loved me there.
It's the only thing I've ever won.
I even got a trophy. It was green with a naked gold baby on top. I loved that thing when I was a kid!
I loved showing it off to my friends.
I didn't care if they had trophies galore from piano recitals, and karate classes. None of them had won a beautiful baby contest.
I would show you a picture, but I lost that trophy somewhere along the way.
What a bummer.

Now I'm an adult. says my birth certificate.
I'm a little taller, and I've lost most of the mosquito bites.

There's a fish I caught.
I know.
Pre-tty impressive.
Here's some more pictures of me enjoying adulthood.....

I actually don't mind getting older at all.
Other than that it sounds weird to say thirty is right around the corner, it doesn't feel any different.
Being young is fun, and getting older isn't much different.
I can still be silly, and no one cares.
I can be serious when I need to.
I can be an adult...if I wanna.
If I don't know what I'm doing, God has given me alot of friends and family to help me out.
For which I am very grateful.
And I've been getting grey hairs since I was thirteen. (What the heck)
And....I'm still just as super duper excited about my birthday as I ever was.
C'mon, I get to eat cake and frosting, I get to open presents, people say happy birthday to me in really nice voices.
What's not to be excited about?

P.S. If you want to give me a present....I accept.