December 25, 2010

our christmas

It's Santa!
No's Grandma Sherry.
Wait....that's the same thing.

This, folks, is why we don't take pictures of me first thing in the morning...

And this, folks, is why we don't take Tim out in public.

 Lily was so much fun to watch.
She was excited about everything.
I love that this baby girl is so easy to please.

Just because she's cute, and I love her alot....

Molly didn't really care that it was Christmas.
She wasn't into all the commotion and frenzy.
She just sat there, and drooled onto her new bath toys.

" pjs. Big deal."
"Am I supposed to express excitement?
"You're asking alot of me."
"When's breakfast?"

Lucy got an American doll.
.....this is the part where you insert very excited screaming and hollering.

Lily ab-so-lutely refused to be parted from her stocking stuffers.
These guys went everywhere with her for the next four hours, including the tub.
(She washed them carefully.)
That mandarin was mush by the time we peeled it for her to eat.

Emma dressed up for the occasion.
"Just.... 'cause we're opening presents, Aunt Sunny!"
Opening presents is a big deal, after all.

I really love this picture for some reason.
They were waiting to be posed for the family photo.
Leah's flaring her nostrils.
(Just thought I'd point that one out for ya.)

 And here we have the family photo.
This is why we don't take these very often.
You try getting six little girls to, "LOOK AT THE LIGHT! LOOK AT THE LIGHT RIGHT NOW, OR I'LL HURT YOU BAD!!!"
And then you have to switch really quick from yelling to smiling nice before the timer goes off.
Very difficult, indeed.

"Can you pway wif me, Daddy?"

There's just something so satisfying about yanking the cover off a little kitchen set, and hearing three little voices screaming in utter delight.

I got alot of really nice gifts, more than I expected, but this one is my favorite.
Karen put it in my stocking.
It's delicate, and beautiful.
And I love it. 
(Sidenote: stockings are the best part of the presents. I adore pulling my stocking apart.)