December 26, 2010


Here's some leftovers from Christmas:

"Do you need a thermometer for cooking mac n' cheese, or PB&J?"     -Tim, when I told Sherry I had never used a cooking thermometer. He had a point.

"Here, you can have these."     -Emma, when she accidently pulled the eyelashes off her new doll.

"Here, you can have this."     -Emma, when she accidently pulled the arm off her new doll.

"What's this go to?"     -Emma, while ripping out the thread that held on her new doll's hair.

"Help."     -The Poor New Doll

"Wow! Mary's really sweating!"     -Emma, while watching Mary give birth to baby Jesus on The Nativity.

"I wish you could just give one quick push, and the baby would come out."     -Emma, still watching Mary give birth.

"That would be nice."     -Karen, very drily, in response to Emma.

"And I want all your money."     -Emma, when Leah told Grandma Sherry she wanted a particular Christmas ornament from Sherry's tree. That child knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Emma and her new Barbie ornament...
Can you see me hiding behind her?
Tim said I can run, but you just can't hide that halo of dandruff.
I'll have you to know.....I have psoriasis, not dandruff. So there.

Hannah was pretty excited about this puffer vest.
There's Tim hiding behind her.
He's mocking me.

Here's Molly reading her new book.
Isn't she cute???