December 06, 2010

i am your nose

Doing school with Emma, age six in real life, age four at heart:

Karen:  "Riddle, Emma.....I am on your face, sometimes I run, you use me to smell, I am your???"

Emma, brightly:  "The sun!"

Karen, patiently:  "No, Emma. It's on your face, and it smells."

Emma:  "Oh! Lotion?"   (like, duh!)

Karen, deciding to give her a hint:  "No, Emma. Do my eyes smell?"

Emma:  "Nooo."

Karen:  "Does my mouth smell?"

Emma, certain she's finally on the right track:  "Yes!"

Karen, deciding to laugh rather than pull out her hairs:  " does, but that's not what it's talking about...."