December 01, 2010


I was on my way to meet Mary Ann for lunch today, when my car flipped out.
Really flipped out.
All by its lonesome.
One second I was poking slowly along through the snow/slush on Poleline, and the next I was doing doughnuts into the on-coming traffic.
Like, 360's....round and round again.
Then the stupid thing switched around, and did a few more doughnuts into the reverse traffic until I landed safely in a huge snow berm at the end of some random driveway.

And this is how I know that I am finally a true Idahoan,
southern belle no more.....

Instead of freaking out and turning into a huge puddle of jello like I would normally do, like every other time previously, I calmly checked all my vital signs, backed my car out of the snow berm and onto the road, and drove to lunch.

I didn't cry.
I didn't scream (unless you count, "Oh, God, let me miss that car! That car right there!").
I didn't pee my pants.
I didn't call 911, or anyone else for that matter.
I didn't need my brown paper bag to hyperventilate into.

Cool, calm, collected, and Idahoan, in the face of mortal danger.
That was me.

Mary Ann insisted on doing the driving from her house to lunch though.
Can't imagine why....