June 19, 2011


1. He can never smile for pictures. He has to be pinched or tickled.
2. His favorite flavor is peach. As in peach Nehi.
3. He likes trucks. Fords.
4. He can't stand to be away from Moma.
5. He always read Louis L'Amour before bed. All Sacketts stand six foot three... in their socks.
6. He played with my hair to wake me up in the mornings.
7. He taught me to tell the difference between a Peterbilt and a Kenworth.
8. He always said my cooking was good. He lied, but I didn't mind.
9. He always called me Morning Glory. In the mornings.
10. He hugged us alot.

I love you, Daddy.
Just because I do.

Happy Father's Day!