June 30, 2011


The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.  
Proverbs 29:25

That verse right there stopped me in my tracks one day.
It's one of those verses that floats around in my head, randomly popping up to help me out.
The first time I noticed it was earlier this year, when I was kinda afraid... afraid of man.
It wasn't the regular fear, the gut pulverizing, mind darkening fear, it was more of a worry I guess.
But the words that really popped out to me were bringeth a snare.
I wondered what exactly the snare was.
How can the fear of man bring a snare? What snare could the fear of man possibly bring on?
And God showed me this is the snare: Fear of man pushes the joy of God away. Without His joy... life is one big fat struggle.
Now when I read that verse, I see more than fear. I fill in the blank with worry, a critical spirit toward others, discontentment, frustration, anger.
Whatever it is that I'm feeling about man that isn't good, that's taking my focus off of God, it's a snare.
A snare that strips the joy of the Lord away from me and makes me forget His wonder.
The other day, I was reading A Holy Experience and came across this post the beauty of living in glass houses.
I loved it. It reminded me of my verse. It touched my heart and all that. Click on the link and read it for yourself.
Ann says,
The secret of joy is unwrapping what He can’t possibly keep secret — His love for you.
The secret of joy is focusing on Father — not fear.
The secret to joy is meditating on God’s care — not earth’s snares.

I love the part about unwrapping His love for me. Like a present on Christmas morning.
I love to think of His love for me.
I am His and He is mine so... so what to everything else?
Perfect love casteth out fear.

I don't really get why it's so easy to lose focus on Him when He's so big. He kinda takes up the whole picture with His bigness. But still, I have the tendency to look at man more often. Like man is some big deal or something.
It's not that I should be uncaring or wash my hands of man's antics, I just can't let the caring turn my eyes away from Him.
Fear can make me forget to fly, but His love -my joy- can lift me up on wings.

Are these wings good to go, Lord? Are they safe? Testing, testing... Maybe You could tie my wings to Yours? You know,  just in case I start to flap around.

You know how moma eagles dive down and catch their babies right before they crash, when they're learning to fly?


That's what I'll do for you, child of Mine. I'll catch you every time. Just keep those brown eyes on Mine. Take off flying, lovey.

And I do, and He does.