June 14, 2011


1)  Lily calls me Sun.
Not Sunny. Sun.
And not even just Sun, but HEY, SUN!!!! I love you!
I'm a huge fan of her calling me that.
I call her Lil. Sun n' Lil.
She's my baby.

2)  Molly is not my baby.
She cries when Karen leaves her with me.
I tell her to shut up.
Disclaimer: I tell her to shut up in a very kind and patient tone of voice.
Disclaimer 2: It doesn't work.

3)  Lily got her ears pierced a couple weeks ago.
It was a reward...
She pooped on the potty three times in a row.

4)  Lily didn't cry when her ears were pierced.
She's only three.
Very brave, my baby.

5)  I cried when I got my ears pierced.
My moma took me.
I was 21.

6)  Lily saw a mountain the other day.
Jesus was on it.
I didn't happen to see Him, but Lil did.
She told me.
Sun! I see a mountain! And Jesus! I like Jesus! And I like God! ♫ Jesus loves me this I know... ♪

7) Lil is a ray of sunshine.
She likes everything.
Or loves it.
Or thinks it's really cool.
For instance, she really likes forks. They're really cool.
Look! It holds my food! Sun! Did you see? It's really cool!
She says cool like coo-wall.

8)  Sun! I pooped! Did you see? It's really cool!

9)  Sun! I hafta kiss you! So my sparkle lip gloss will get on you! It's really cool!

10)  Lil, I think you're really cool.
And I like you.
And I love you more.

Bravery in the flesh...

Her has chubber cheeks.