June 18, 2011

girl talk

The girls are growing up.


They notice boys now.

Did you know that all the little girls at church thought T. was soooo very cute when he wore his hair all spiky that time? Be still their frantically beating hearts.

Did you know one little girl (who shall remain unnamed) stuffed her bra one time?
So did I. When I was twelve. With socks. I thought I looked so much more mature, sexy.  But there was always the worry that they would fall out and embarrass the crap outta me so I finally caved under stress and quit stuffing.

Did you know 12 yr old girls need to shave?
Now that I think about it, I had to start shaving when I was 11. My legs looked like I wrapped rugs around them. I looked like Esau.

Did you know one little girl ( who shall remain nameless) was sitting on the pew with one little boy (who shall also remain nameless), and she put her hand up on the back of the pew and so did he, at the same time, and their hands touched!!?? Purely by accident. Sparks flew like crazy.

One time, I fell down the stairs in front of the love of my life. I was twelve. He had dark, dreamy eyes. Then I went upstairs and tripped over the altar bench in front of God and everybody else. It was the single most embarrassing moment of my life.

Did you know one time two little boys had a fight over one little girl? (They shall all remain nameless. I'd like to name them, but if I did... all these guys would stop telling me their secrets. Then my life would be a whole lot less interesting.) It was a love triangle, and the one little guy had a picture of the beautiful lady in his Bible which caused the second little guy great amounts of distress. So they challenged each other to a duel, and it came to punching and kicking.

They have crushes, and talk about cell phones and make-up and when they can shave, and they wear bras, and they can babysit now.
Then they spend the night with me and tell me all this stuff. The behind-the-scenes-in-the-life-of-a-little-girl.
It makes me laugh and I love it, but it also makes my heart feel all squashy and sad. Too bad they can't always be little. Now I know how Bro. Carl Wright always felt when he would tell me he was going to put bricks on my head to keep me from growing up.

But there's one really great perk to them growing up: slave labor.
They do the dishes now. Not me. Hallelujah.

Church special: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus


Slave labor...

Cathryn. She's almost 14.

Prince Charming

Oh. my. goodness. Cutie patootie personified.

I love them.
I'll miss them when they're gone and grown-ups take their places.