November 18, 2010

ben hur

I'm watching Ben Hur right now.
I love old movies....anything goes, no matter how unrealistic.

e.g. :

Why is bad acting not considered bad acting, but rather melodrama in old movies? And why is it that I can't watch a new movie with bad acting, but an old one....well, then the bad acting is just classy.

The battle between the ships....I love that the soldiers are fiercely shooting off arrows, only to have them land about three feet off the side of their ship.
They're persistent buggers though. They just keep on shooting those pointless arrows, and somehow manage to win the battle.

Why is Jesus the only one wearing white robes? Sparkling white at that. Fresh out of a bleach soak.

The kiss. Ha. They kiss forever, but stay absolutely still.....positively frozen in time.
Then they back off, and look at each other passionately like," Hey, did you notice the sky today? Talk. about. blue."
Who does that nowadays?

Where did the women get their coral lipstick? Did they really have that in Bible days?

And the very best, why did they feel the need to put a glowing circle around the star over Bethleham?
I guess the movie director thought we wouldn't notice the bright, oversized star as it floated rapidly onward to land over the manger.

I think I'll buy Ben Hur just for fun.
I love it.