November 20, 2010

day three

On the third day of Thanksgiving:

Karen and I text, and call each other several times a day. We always have, even when I lived in the same house. It's nice to keep in close touch.
My favorite kinds of texts are the ones she sends about the girls.

Molly's getting better at holding her fork!
*with a picture of Molly in her highchair, grimacing as she tries to manage her little orange plastic fork*

These two have been fighting all day.
*with a video of Lily, in her diaper, wacking Molly over the head with her book. Molly starts crying*

After punishing Lily and Molly 2x
to get them to take their nap....i just walked in there
because i heard a little something and
Lily is out cold while Molly was sitting with her back
to the door rocking back and forth and whispering.
Stinker. She was whispering because she knows she'll get in trouble.
*with a picture of Molly sucking her fingers, and looking pathetic*

Lily keeps saying,
give me de signs....sfore i shoot you!
from a movie ya'll watched.
she says it with such command too.
*I had gotten The Seeker to watch with the girls. Apparently, it made an impression on Lily....she can quote the bad guy*

Thank you, Karen. I love you.