November 30, 2010


1) I wish I could donate plasma, and make a few extra desperate bucks.
I can't though.
I don't weigh enough.
Apparently if they take my blood, I could drop dead.

2) Speaking of money....
My little brother is getting me involved in one of those get rich quick schemes.
I can't believe I'm doing it. I feel sheepish.
But, he's paying for everything so I have nothing to lose!

3) Molly has a new fake cry.
It's very loud, and sounds exactly like a barking seal.
I'm talking, exactly like.
It's so funny to hear that sound coming from her little body.

4) Emma has decided that Rose is the most beautiful name ever (because roses are so beautiful....duh).
So now we all have to call her Rose.
"It's my new name, Sunny! Didn't you know???"

5) There's a little kid next door who's leg got ran over by the ice cream truck this summer.
Broke his leg.

*respectful silence*

He has to wear a cast.
Moral to the story: Never chase the ice cream truck. This could happen to YOU.

6) Do ice cream truck drivers have to have a special kind of insurance for this sort of occurrence?
Do they have a sign on the back of their rig saying, Not responsible for any accidents incurred while chasing this truck?

7) I got The Great Mouse Detective for the girls the other night.
I loved that movie when I was little.
That one, and All Dogs Go To Heaven.
The girls were entranced.
Emma thought everything was real. She kept telling Lily, "CLOSE YOUR EYES!!! THIS PART IS VERY SCARY!!!"
And she told me later, "I didn't want Lily to have nightmares about the bad rat."
Lily my foot.
Emma dear, you were the scaredy cat.

8) It's so cold that when I went grocery shopping the other day, my milk and bananas froze in my car in between stores.
But, I'm still not tired of this snow.
I love it!

9) Hannah and I were trying to shovel Jack and Mary Ann's driveway the other day.
I've never shoveled, and it must've shown because the next thing I knew, one neighbor had brought over his snow blower for me to use, and another neighbor came over to shovel everything I missed.
Thank you, unknown neighbors.
You were very kind, and I appreciated it.

10) HA!
It's Tuesday,
and this is ten!
That's a first:)