November 23, 2010

day six

On the sixth day of Thanksgiving:

When I wake up in the mornings, my hair is every which way. I mean, EVERY which way. Not a pretty sight, but when I wake up at my parents, my dad always tells me, "You're beautiful."

Karen has hives right now, who knows why. And, I've had psoriasis forever. Last night we were sitting together and just talking about nothing when I noticed we were both itching like crazy. "Karen", said I, "it just seems like we have so much more in common lately."
She agreed that it really did seem that way.

When I went to visit Moma last month, I knew she was missing Dad, and looking forward to getting down to Texas to be with him, but she still said to me, "Don't be in a hurry to go. I'm here so long as you are. I want to be."
And I know she meant it. Those weren't empty words.

One time I texted Jackie and said,
i love you like cheese loves crackers, like cold loves winter.
He text back and said,
i love you like flies love poo.
I totally get what he means....I think.

When I told Shelly I would be moving from Alabama to Idaho, she said to me,"I love you, you're my best friend. I wish you didn't have to go. What will I do without you?"

A little while ago, I needed a place to get away to, and Jason said, "If you need a place to sit and think, come here. I'll buy your ticket."

I can't cook and would almost starve if Karen didn't say,"Come over. I made chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies."

Any time I can't make up my mind (that would be at least once daily), Tim always says, "This is what I would do if it were me."

Emma was sitting in my lap recently, and she said,"You have bad breath, but that's ok. So do I. I'll still sit in your lap."

When I walk thru the door at Karen's, I can hear the girls screaming,"SUNNY'S HERE!!! Sunny, you're back! We missed you! Can you stay awhile?"

I picked up Lily a few days ago, and she said,"Sunny? I come to your house wif you?"

I looked at my phone awhile back, and saw a text from Jenny,"Mik wanted to say, Sunny, you're a good one!"

This is my family.
This is how they feel about me.
This is why I love them so, and why I'm thankful for them.

Thank you guys for being mine, and for being there.