November 22, 2010

day five

On the fifth day of Thanksgiving:

I got to go 'hunting' with the Hoovers yesterday. It went like this....
We went over to Dan and Kathy's cozy house.
They set all the guns by the back door so they would be easy to get to in a hurry.
We all sat down with a cup of coffee and a pair of binoculars.
We then looked out into the back yard, thru the window, at the herd of literally 8-10 does, and a couple of goofy looking spikes.
We waited for the big buck to show up (Dan said that buck always shows up to check on his harem, right around dusk).
The guys watched the window, and ESPN.
At one point I decided to look out the window, and startled one of the does who happened to be looking back in at us.....Bro. Hoover said if I couldn't be still and stay quiet, he would never take me hunting again. So I took a nap instead. We couldn't have me scaring off all the wildlife, could we?
Then it got dark, and we went home.....buckless....the dumb buck never showed up.
That is totally my kind of hunting.

This time of the year...I likey.
Starbucks hot chocolate with peppermint sticks.
Sitting by the wood stove with a book, or a movie. (Oh, yeah....did I mention that I've learned how to start a fire? Well, I have. You can be proud of me)
Cinnamony candles.
Snow, snow, snow!
Pumpkin logs. *hint, hint, Karen*
All the Christmas stuff that's already out. Decorations, music, lights. (Oh, Christmas tree, I can't wait to see you!)
Fuzzy sweaters.
My brown boots. I heart my brown boots.
My green coat.
Holiday cheer.
Christmas parades. HBC is putting together quite the float. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard tales.
Seeing my breath in the air.

I'm thankful for this time of the year.
And thank you, Hoovers, for taking me hunting :)