March 29, 2011

more than ten

1)  Tim says Karen woke up on the plane home and squinted her eyes towards the dark outside...
Tim? Is that the sun or the moon??? It looks weird.
He hated to tell her, but she had asked so...
Karen... Babe... it's the light on the end of the airplane wing.
Karen says it was just one of the side effects from all the Dramamine she'd taken.

2)  He didn't really hate to tell her.
He's glad he can tell this story to everyone else.
He'll use it in a sermon.

3)  Dizty runs in our family.
All of us girls suffer from it.

4)  I got the loveliest Tongan bird necklace from Blair.

And a green flower one from Karen with earrings to match.
I love them both.
I feel like a Tongan native... except not as tan.

5)  It's good to have Karen back.
The girls say all we do is talk a long time.
Well, duh, girls.

6)  There's nothing louder than six little girls saying, Welcome home, Mom and Dad!!!

7)  I have a cute little nephew named Joshua who lives way down in Alabama.
He's five and blonde.

His moma sent me this text the other day:
asked joshua t show me what was n his hand.
it was a key so i asked if it was the key t his heart.
he said yes.
i asked him what i wld find if i opened it n he said God.

8)  I love that he said that.
Sweet, sweet child.
Sweeter than cotton candy.

9)  The Missoula April meeting is next Mon-Tues.
I get to go!
Pretty excited about that.

10)  I've discovered a new food group.
Hostess chocolate Zingers.
They are. the most. EXCELLENT food. ever created.
I've had a whole bunch in the last two days.
I'm trying to gain weight so that's my excuse.

11)  I waxed my own eyebrows the other day.
Never done that before.
Most of my eyebrows are still there, but I had angry eyes for a couple days.

12)  I've had a tic in my left eye for about 6 weeks.
It spread to various other places on my anatomy as well.
VERY annoying.
So I googled the whys and wherefores of tics.
I have Tourettes. I need to see a doctor immediately.
Anyway, that's what the internet told me. I understand myself so much better now.

13)  I went to Bible study at the Miller's and Thomas poured some magnesium powder in my water and made me drink it.
It tasted like... something sour.
But I no longer have Tourettes.
Apparently having a magnesium deficiency can also cause tics.
You learn something new every day!

14)  Every now and then I get the violent urge to get my shotgun out and shoot someone.
Disclaimer: I don't actually want to KILL anyone. Just maim or disfigure. And only people who deserve it.
But then I remember I could go to prison for that.
Also, I don't have a shotgun so that's an obstacle.
Oh, well.

15)  I can't. wait. for Spring.
I love new life!
It's so fresh and clean and smells wonderful!