March 30, 2011

what i like about spring

1)  Warmer weather.
I have shivered my way thru this past winter and I'm over it.
I want to be warm again.

2)  The flowers.
Spring flowers are a glorious bursting forth of new life.
They're full of promise.
And they're the prettiest flowers of the year... tulips, cherry trees, daffodils...

3)  Pulling out my Spring/Summer clothes and shoes.
I wear boots all winter long, so pulling out my high heels and admiring my legs in them is such a blast.

4)  The smell.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
And new, green plants.
And freshly turned dirt.
And the inside of the nursery greenhouse.

5)  Seed catalogs.
I pour over seed catalogs for hours every Spring.
It's addicting to look at all those plants I can't afford.

6)  The sounds.
After winter is past, you can hear all the neighborhood kids screaming outside.
And lawn mowers.
It's a happy sound.

7)  The colors.
Bright and fresh and everywhere.
Slowly but surely. 
Spring is the color of hope.
Green and unfurling.