March 15, 2011


1)  Karen left me.
She's in Tonga.
(Have I mentioned that before?)

2)  Every time Karen and Tim go out of town, one of the girls gets sick.
Every time.

3)  So... Lily's sick this time.
It's a conspiracy.

4)  She has one of those coughs that makes her gag and choke like Death is just waiting right around the corner.
Scares me witless.

5)  So... since she can't sleep for all the coughing, we stay up until 3 A.M. watching Andy Griffith and eating Chips Ahoy.
Until she drops from exhaustion.

6)  She kinda likes it.
And I kinda like how cuddly she is when she's sick.

7)  She also likes how raspy her voice sounds right now.
She sounds like the Godfather.

8)  "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse..."        Al Pacino- The Godfather.

9)  I can't think of 10 things.
I'm a loser.