March 10, 2011


1)  Karen leaves for Tonga in a few days.
She'll be gone for two weeks.


2)  Tim is going with her so he can drink coffee with his brother, David.

3)  David is a missionary to Tonga. He has a wife and four kids. Also, a neighbor that yells at the kids. We don't like that neighbor at all. She's a butthead.

3)  Sherry and I will have the girls. But we're being spoiled, the three older girls are being parceled out to various relatives so all we'll have are Emma and the babies.

4)  My fridge is stocked with applesauce, cheesesticks, and corndogs. Little kid food.

5)  Karen will be gone for two weeks.


6)  Tonga is very beautiful. It's in the South Pacific. And it's warm there.

7) Karen is lucky.

8)  Tongan sunset...

9)  Tongan waves crashing on the shore...

10)  Tongan missionaries...

David and Blair

11)  Blair is a missionary's wife and homeschool mom.
She does not wear jean jumpers.

12)  Karen isn't taking makeup.
She's taking swimsuits, flip flops, a ton of stuff for the poor suffering missionaries, and sunblock.
That's it.

13)  She'll be gone for two weeks.
Who am I supposed to talk to???