March 31, 2011

making the sun shine

I woke up kinda grumpy yesterday.

... grumpy at the grey sky.
... my bills.
... my messy house.
... my piles of unfolded laundry.
... my unruly hair.
... the zit on my chin.
... the carpet installers banging around upstairs, keeping me from sleeping in.
... other more important things that nag at me sometimes.

But, then God came down from His heaven and did six beautiful things for me, and made me feel ashamed of all my mental mumblings and grumblings.
And my out loud griping.
And my waving my arms about in frustration.
And for wearing my angry eyebrows.
And for rolling my eyes.

I'll tell you about some of it.

When I started working at the Highlands Golf Course five years ago, I made some really good friends. Alot of really good friends. The people over there give me things, take me out for dinner, ask me to come do odd jobs for them, always ask about my family, call me during the winter just to check on me, etc.
I love all of them, but I especially love Jerry and Marilyn. They gave me my living room couches several years ago. But I love them for more than just that. They're nice people. They're my friends and they treat me like a granddaughter. So I was pretty sad when I left the golf course for good last year, I thought maybe that friendship would fizzle out since we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday like usual. Keeping in touch isn't everyone's forte after all.
But, then yesterday morning I got a call from Jerry out of the blue, saying he was heading to the Big Bear Deli and did I want to come for lunch? His treat? Please could I come because they'd really missed me and wanted to talk?
The sun broke out in my heart.
So I met Jerry for lunch... and a midnight truffle blizzard at DQ... and a caramel macchiato at Starbucks.
Two and a half hours and a boatload of talking later, I went home a happy girl.
And thanked God for such good friends.
And for always taking such good care of me.

Then I stepped on the scale and I weigh a grand total of 95 lbs! Might not sound like much to you, but it's alot more than the 89 lbs I've been at for the last several months. I've worked really hard for those 6 lbs! I kissed that scale right on the lips.

Then I went to Walmart and had two women walk up to me, and tell me my hair was so adorable and how did I get it to look like that and could I turn around so they could see it better? Might not sound like much to be excited about to you, but have you SEEN my hair? I gratefully kissed them on the lips too.

Then God took a little simple something and used it to show me that He's in control, and that putting my trust in Him is the same thing as being rock solid. I don't need to stress. I don't need to get frustrated. I don't need to shoot anyone with my shotgun that I don't have. I don't need to roll my eyes.
He's got it all... in His hand.

Then He gave me hope. There's something that I want to happen. A big, life changing something. I've started to feel like it'll never come to pass. Too many obstacles. But lately, God's been giving me renewed hope in it. If it's His will, it'll happen. Period. Who am I to say that it can't happen just because it's slow going? Who do I think I am? With God, anything's possible!

Then something else popped up, but I'm not telling you what. It's still in the works and I don't want to jump the gun. Because I always jump the gun. But as soon as it happens... you'll be the first to know. I kissed the whole world on the lips at this point.

I woke up with a bad attitude, but instead of asking me what my problem was, God knocked on my front door with an armload of early birthday presents. Instead of saying, Hey bonehead! What's the dealio???, He just said, Hey... I love you. Instead of a kick in the pants, I got sunshine.

God has this way of making the sun shine when there ain't no sun at all.

Because He's God and that's what He does best.
I love when He does that.