March 14, 2011


Barnabas and Epaphroditus.

Two great men.

Know what I love about them? Every. single. time. the Bible mentions them, it's because they're thinking about someone other than themselves. They had this huge compassion for other people, and they spread it around like so much peanut butter and jelly.

Barnabas, the son of consolation. Who sold what he had and laid it at the apostle's feet. Who took Paul under his wing when everyone else was scared to death that Paul would murder them in their beds. Who served Paul and the people. Who didn't give up on John Mark when Paul wouldn't have him around.

Epaphroditus... not regarding his own life. Ministering to Paul, a fellowsoldier, a companion in labour. A man who thought about others even when he was sick and nearly dead.

I wish I was like that.
Why can't that be first nature?
I'm selfish. Impatient. Looking out for my own convenience. Sighing and huffing. Wanting to set people straight instead of letting God do it. Washing my hands of those who don't meet up to my standard.

Oh, I do so want to be like Barnabas and Epaphroditus!

I know four people who are like B. and E.
Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of compassionate, caring people. They're bursting out of the woodwork, but there's just something special about these particular four.
It's like they have this light that shines out of them and gets scattered all around.
A perfect stranger could walk up to any one of those four and know they care.
It's the first thing you think of when you meet one of them. Even if they're in a grumpy mood.
They're tenderhearted, considering others more than themselves.

I find that light lovely.
I admire it.
I study it and wonder how one makes that light their own.

I want that to be my light.