March 21, 2011

one night with the girls

I hope you're not sick of hearing about the girls because... you're about to hear more.

Putting Emma, Lily, and Molly to bed:

9pm... I put the three of them to bed.

9:02... I put them to bed again.

9:04... They say they're thirsty.

9:05... I give them all a drink.

9:11... I yell a lot.

9:15... I give them my angry eyes and make threats.

9:20... Threats are done with and I take serious action, administering punishments left and right.

9:22... They all cry and tell me I'm the wicked witch of the west.

9:22... They're thirsty again.

9:22... I tell them to, "Swallow your spit!!!"

9:30... They creep into my room and say they're scared.

9:31... After staring at them in silence for a few seconds, I tell them I'm about to give them something to be scared about.

9:31... I give them something to be scared about.

9:33... I put them to bed again.

10:55... They finally fall asleep.

11:00... Lily wakes up with the croup.

11:00... The sound of her gagging, choking, barking cough scares the livin' daylights outta me.

3am... Lily and I finally fall asleep, exhausted from watching 6 episodes of Andy Griffith and eating a package of Chips Ahoy.

6am... I feel Molly's little fingers poking my eyes and her little baby voice saying, "Shun foeihsndhybuidttttt??? Ah iuglsuhjsffftttt POUP ohsjhjkdnuuuusyytttyyyy!!!
(Interpretation- "Sunny, you awake yet? I have this really big poop and it's sticking to my butt which I really hate because I'm a very clean baby.")

6:01... I drag myself out of bed, change a poopy butt, brush my teeth, and go make breakfast.

Trying to look innocent...
"What Aunt Sunny??? Is there a problem???"