March 05, 2011

sisterly stuff

Pioneer Woman is having a sisters photo assignment right now. It's my favorite photo assignment that she's had yet.
I've been inspired by it.
Pioneer Woman often inspires me.
(I kinda wanna be like her when I grow up.)
(I'd stalk her if she lived Idaho instead of Oklahoma.)

So, I'm posting my 'sisters' photos on here.
Since I know my photos aren't good enough for PW.
(Since I'm not a photographer and all.)
And I don't want to embarrass myself in front of PW.
(And I can't bear rejection.)


Karen and Shelly


Welcoming the newest baby sister

Sister Jenny and Mik

Sweet Lulu and Marianna

Shelly, holding a brand new me

Watching dad light the fireworks

Karen, Jenny, and I.

Blue eyes, brown eyes

Easter Sunday, 1987.
Shelly, Karen, and yours truly.
Check out Shelly's shoulder pads.

Flat dead. Pretty much.

Summer time.
Molly, Lily, and Hannah

Those wedgies. Always creeping up on ya.

Water torture.
Emma, Molly, and Lily

Shelly and her girls.
(And Joshua)

Marianna and Lulu again.
These two take the sweetest pictures together.

Shelly and Abi

Snow kisses.
Joy and Cathryn

Piggy back.
Lucy, Hannah, and Leah

Me and Karen's shoulder.
It used to be all of Karen, but...
one time I got mad at her and cut her right out of this pic with a pair of sharp scissors.
She deserved it.

I love my sisters.
And I love my multitude of little nieces.
Sisters are one of God's ways of saying I love you.
I can't do without them.