March 25, 2011

getting spoiled

Hannah got to spend the last two weeks with my Moma and Dad.
She had a good time... getting spoiled rotten.
She wrote this while she was there and wanted me to post it.


Yesterday was a very cold, wintery day. Brrrrr. Granny and I decided to go to the Artic Circle. Since I had a choice of real food or ice cream, I decided we should get special shakes. There were so many different yummy kinds! I had a hard time choosing which one looked the yummiest! Well, since I have good taste, I finally picked small Oreo shake. Granny slowly (in Granny mode) picked a hot fudge, Oreo sundae.

Since it was a very cold day outside, it made Granny and I shiver to eat the icy-cold treats. I had a hard time eating my shake because I got kinda full and had too many brain freezes for a long time. Actually, Papa helped me finish it that night. I ate most of it. I liked mine the most. I kind of like fudge, but not a lot. Well, another reason from why we went there was Papa is on a diet. And he can't have sugar and he does not like that in the house.

Granny was very funny. We had lots of fun that day!

By Hannah, age 8
(with a little help from her Granny:)