March 26, 2011

broccoli and chocolate

Karen gets back tonight! (and Tim)
Yay! Yay! Yay!
I'm so glad they'll be back, but I'll miss the girls.
I've absolutely loved having them with me.
They can be a handful... but they're also a vital part of my heartbeat.

I like playing house.
It's hard work and fun all tangled together.
... you take the broccoli with the chocolate.

It's frustrating, but it's rewarding.
It's slimy, but it's warm and fuzzy.
It's hair raising, and it's thrilling.

It's poopy diapers and slobbery kisses.
Coughs and bubble baths.
Smashed little fingers and squeeze tight hugs.
Snobby retorts and sweet I love you's.

It's stepping on Barbies on my way to the bathroom during the night.
Getting up earlier than usual to make pancakes for little girls who are always "hungy".
Giving out princess bandaids for non-bleeding, invisible papercuts.
Going to Walmart for one reason only... to check out the toys. Barbies in particular.
Going to reading hour at the library and listening to cheesy little kids rhymes... and not minding at all.
Listening to long stories about... Last night I had dis dream an' it was like ROAR and then like I's scared but then uummm... I turned PRINCESS and ate candy and wasn't scared anymore and then uummmm... I don't 'nember the rest. Hey, Sunny! Can we get a princess movie today?

It's breaking up fights...
She's staring at me!
She's hugging me!
She's following me!
Her leg is touching my chair!
She won't play with me!
She has my Barbie!
How come she gets the front seat???
But I wanted to watch Shirley Temple!!!
She put her apple on MY side of the table!
She won't let me use her lip gloss when I always let her use mine!

It's the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something worthwhile.
The happiness of seeing good results.
Watching every. single. Barbie movie ever made. Over and over and over.
Ditto Shirley Temple.
Ditto Little House.
And ditto anything princess.

It's saying, Eat your vegetables or else. What's that? I don't care if I never eat mine... YOU'RE GONNA EAT YOURS!

And... Girls! The sun is shining! Don't tell me you don't want to play outside! Get out there!

And... What do you mean it just broke by itself? You're saying it was sitting there and you were on the other side of the room and it shattered into a million pieces on its lonesome? Spontaneous combustion? I don't believe you. That was my GRANDMOTHER'S!

Also... No. You're not an orphan. Your parents are just out of town.

It's curling up in bed together to read Fancy Nancy and The Princess and The Pea.
Finding little socks under the couch. And behind the toilet. And under my bed. And in my Tupperware cupboard.
And finding Ritz crackers in my snow boots.
Doing countless loads of laundry.
Wiping endless runny noses.
Brushing tangles out of stubborn hair, and saying, You can stop crying. I know it's not hurting you that bad. I know you're fake crying when you flare your nostrils.
Mopping up spilt apple juice. And mashed potatoes. And cereal. And other miscellaneous foods.
Trying to pull a reluctant loose front tooth and hearing, *sobs* Nooooo! Stop, it hurts! I hate pulling teeth! I hope I never get loose teeth again! *much weeping and wailing and gnashing of non-loose teeth* But then I yank it out anyway and am rewarded with a gap toothed grin, all pain and suffering forgotten.
It's being compared to Audrey Hepburn by loving little girls who think I'm the greatest.

But mostly, it's about loving each other.

... and cleaning Vaseline off the bathroom walls.