March 02, 2011


Good grief and holy moly.
This last week has been all kinds of busy.

I've wanted to sit down and tell you about it.
I mean, it's been like almost a week since I've really written anything and I'm suffering from all the words piling up in my head. My head can only hold so much at a time before it explodes into a painful mess.
I'm certain you've suffered without me too. You don't have to say it... I can just tell these things.

So, back to busyness...

Bought a daffodil. So bright yellow and happy, sitting on my kitchen table.

Clipped my fingernails. And toenails. And painted them purple with sparkles.

Painted the girl's nails too and sponge rolled Lucy's hair. She looked like Shirley Temple. I grinned from ear to ear.

I watched Pride and Prejudice again. The old A&E, seven thousand hour version.
That took up most of my week.

I love Darcy, even if he does wear those absurd pants.
Elizabeth is beautiful. Jane is sweetly dull.
Mrs. Bennet cracks me up in an embarrassed way.
And Willoughby? He's the only true to life character... I know someone exactly like him.

Bleached my tub. Because it always has a ring around it. The ring is still there. Stubborn thing.

Hosted Karen's Wildtree party. Because she's sick. It was pleasantly awkward. Also, I cooked and no one died.

Had the girls at my place for a few days. Because Karen's sick and bedridden and trying to recover.

Did some more painting in the ladies room at church. I love the colors we're using. I'm not going to give you a sneak peek. You'll just have to wait until the Grand Opening.

I went to Bible study. I love Friday nights. Friday night means Bible study, and Bible study means lots of fun.
My favorite thing about Bible study is.... reading my Bible. Ha. I'm just kidding. I just wanted to sound super spiritual for a second there.
No, my favorite thing is sitting in a corner and listening to the hum of everyone trying to outtalk each other. It's a loud hum, punctuated with laughter, and I love it because it means everyone's having a great time, enjoying each others fellowship.

Thomas, Adam, and Jake.
Some of the Bible study guys, playing a game for Valentine's day.
I'm not going to comment on Adam's bag.

There's a church in town called Real Life Ministries and they have these cool shirts and hats that say Lifer.
So, since Tim wants to copycat and have even cooler shirts made for our church, Jake suggested our shirts say Tither.
I'd totally wear that.

Had some random guy at the Burger King soda fountain randomly tell me, "By the way, those are some gorgeous brown eyes you got there."

Ran for my life since, by the way, he was a stranger and I'm not allowed to talk to those.

Changed Molly's diaper 40 times in one day and cried because she was crying and asking me why the rash on her bottom hurt so much and could I please make it stop?

Scrubbed the hair spray off my bathroom door. Gave up halfway thru. Who even cares anyway?

I applied for a bazillion million jobs. Ok, maybe not quite that many but close.
Aaannnd... it looks like all my hard work might be paying off! MAYBE.
I don't want to jump the gun, but two of them look very promising. And they're great jobs!
So, cross your fingers. Or better yet, pray until you run out of air.

Tried on all the clothes in my closet and cried because they're all too big. My 'fat' clothes shouldn't be size 0.

Bought lots of chocolate ice cream. I've been eating it every night before bed. It's supposed to pack on the pounds. I desperately need poundage.

Started eating breakfast. Also, supposed to help with weight gain. I'm on a mission here.

Started getting serious about reading my Bible through again. I always drag my feet with those little calender thingys.

Sewed up a big rip in one of my purses. I love that purse. It's green velvet with sequins.

Laughed at Emma when she asked Tim if he could do something for her and he replied, "Probably."  Emma lowered her eyebrows and said,"Mom says probably means no." Tim looked indignant. Karen looked at the floor.

And lastly, I went thru all my picture folders on my laptop. Talk about time consuming. I threw out some stuff and it felt good. Also, I rediscovered some really good old pictures and videos. I'll share this one with you because it's too good to keep to myself...


That's all, folks.
I'm off to change Molly's diaper again.