January 26, 2011

loofs toofs

Emma just lost her first tooth.
She's getting big.
She should still be four, not six. I like her to be four. It's a good age for her.

Losing this tooth was a big deal though.
Tim wouldn't pull it. Too sissy. (Apparently, daddys can't do everything.)
Karen wouldn't pull it. Too squeamish.
So that left Lucy to do the deed. And do it she did. Popped that baby right out with a paper towel.

See the little gap on the bottom there?
Emma was pretty excited about getting money from the tooth fairy.
"I'll put it under my pillow! And in the morning it'll be money! Maybe quarters!"
To which Lucy replied in her best monotone...
"Don't get too excited. It'll be probably a week before the tooth fairy gets around to you."

Talk about Debbie Downer.
But, poor Lucy remembers when she lost her first tooth a few years ago.
It was a week or two before the tooth fairy got around to her. Sometimes the tooth fairy is a slacker.
Karen says she has an excuse though, "It was just that the girls fall asleep so late and wake up so early! There was never a chance to exchange the tooth for money!"

So now with all this excitement, Lily has decided that losing a tooth is her new life's ambition.
She's only two, but she knows that her teeth are practically falling out on their own. Left and right.

She asks us to pull one out every five minutes and walks around tugging on her 'loofs toofs'.
This morning she asked Karen again, "Pull my toofs Moma?"
"No, Lily. You're still little."
"Where's Daddy?"
"He's gone. Why do you want him?"
"I talk to him."
"About what, baby?"
"Daddy can pull my loofs toofs!"     (Little does she know.)

 I hate when they grow up. I like their baby teeth... securely attached to their little baby gums.