January 30, 2011

there's no place like home

You know how on a sweltering hot summer day you'll be outside sweating your weight off?
And then you come inside the house?
And you stand in front of the A/C?
Chugging a tall glass of iced sweet tea?
And you then you sigh in sweet satisfaction?

Well, it's not summer and I'm certainly not sweating, but still....


I'm back home.
I've been living out of my red duffle bag for the last four or five months.
Carrying my pillow and laptop everywhere I go.
Going to this church here and that church there.
Coming home for a quick stop every now and then to take care of things.
Traveling around, looking for where God wants me to land permanently.

In limbo.

But limbo is over.
Certainty and direction and belonging have taken it's place.
Don't mistake me, the last few months of limbo haven't been bad.
I've learned from them.
They've helped me grow.
They've strengthened me.
These months have brought me to a beautiful place, a place of trust and peace.
A place where the birds have busted out singing in my heart.

But still...

My toothbrush is back in the bathroom cupboard.
My socks are back in the second drawer down.
And I can take as long a shower as I want without having to worry about using up all the hot water and leaving everyone else to shiver through an icy shower. (Sorry about all those times I used up the hot water, Bro. Hoover.)

There's nothing like unpacking that red duffle bag for the last time and knowing at last that this is the right place to land.
This is home. My place of belonging.
Feels so good to be home.

God is good to me. I can't say it enough.