January 23, 2011

unsearchable riches

When I first saw you, I fell in love.
You didn't know Me yet, but I watched you from close by.
I went to your house every day just to see you.
I waited for you to notice Me.
I gave My all for you. To show you how much I loved you.
I never left your side.

And then I waited for you to make your choice.

My joy burst thru My heart on the day you chose Me.
All of heaven rejoiced with Me.
Every sacrifice I had made was worth the effort of obtaining your love.
Every stripe, every tear, every sorrow.
.... they were all worth it because I loved you so.

You became My child on that day, My girl.
I adored you.
I delighted in you.
My heart overflowed with the joy you gave Me.
I watched you grow in Me.
My heart warmed with happiness to be able to teach you all the things you needed to know about a Father's love for His child.

Talking with you, being with you, was My joy.
You weren't just My child, you were My friend and My dearly beloved.

I gave you everything you needed.
I showered you with all that I had...

I held you close to Me, trying to shelter you from all harm.
I wanted so badly to keep you safe and secure.
I put my hedge about you to keep hurt out.
I guarded you with all My powerful might.
When you lay down to sleep every night, I sat at your door and kept the night watches over you.
I would let nothing in. Nothing could get past My fierce protection, or My love.

Except you.

Soon you wanted to go past the hedge I had built for you.
Each day, you went farther and farther past it.
Each day, I went after you to bring you back to safety.
Until finally the day came when I watched you put your hand in another's and walk away from My love.
You thought you didn't need Me anymore.

On that day, My heart broke.
My grief was more than I could bear.
I knew I would have to watch you be hurt, I would have to watch the havoc unfold in your life.
I knew the pain in store for you, and there was nothing I could do but watch it happen.
I had to let you make your choice on your own.

I went out every day to find you, to see you.
I sought after you to let you know how much I loved and missed you.
I waited for you to notice Me again.
I hoped for you to come running to Me.

I waited.
And I waited.

One day I found you in the slave market.
You were broken.
Beaten. Filthy. Bruised.
You were alone. The other, who's hand you had held, was gone.
To all others, you were useless and disgusting.
But to Me, you were My beloved.
My darling.

I took you from those who had harmed you.
I fought against them and won you back.
I breathed back into you the breath of My life and joy.
I carried you home and put My hedge back around you.
I poured My goodness over you and washed you clean.
I tenderly cared for you.
I showed you My great love all over again.
I felt the sorrow of having lost you for a time lift from My aching heart.
You had come back to Me.

I want you to know something.
You are Mine and no one else's.
You always will be.
I will always love you.
I will always seek after you.
I will always guard you jealously.
I will always adore you.
I will always hold you close in My hands.
I will always forgive.
My face will always shine on yours.

So don't look over your shoulder at the past.
Put it behind you where it belongs and keep your eyes on Me.
Let go of any heaviness and submerge yourself in the glory I have in store for you.
I know you don't understand My feelings for you, but you need only to trust Me.
.... My love for you completely eclipses your unworthiness.
I will always look at you and see My dearly beloved, My beautiful child.
Because I am yours and you are Mine, and nothing can break that bond between us.