January 14, 2011

mostly random

Remember how I said I had made some New Year's resolutions?
I said I was going to learn patience, and stop procrastinating, and eat everything on my plate.

My laundry has been sitting in my dryer for the past two days. Just waiting for me to get around to it.
I avert my eyes any time I scuttle past the dryer. The way I figure it, my unfolded clothes need to learn patience too. I like teaching my material belongings valuable life lessons like that. It relieves my guilty feelings.

But on the flip side, I have been eating everything on my plate.
And I really think I might be probably almost kinda sorta learning patience.
I know I might be jumping the gun since it is only two weeks since I made that resolution, but please.... don't rain on my party. I have a little evidence of my progress. It might not seem like much to you, but it's a big step for me.
First, I've been needing direction from God in a few matters. Big matters. Life changing ones. And since I'm impatient, waiting on that direction should be agonizing, right? But it hasn't been! I've been content to wait for God to show me what He wants me to do. I know He'll show me in His own time and I know I'll be glad I waited. Period.
Secondly, I need a job. I have bills just like everyone else. And they need paid, just like everyone else's. But with all my job hunting, nothing has come up yet. That's okay though. I'm doing all I can do and I know God will pull thru with the rest. He's never failed me and I'm fine with waiting on Him to pop up with the right job at the right time.
To set the record straight and in the name of being completely honest, there was one day about three weeks ago when I had a nervous breakdown about the job and all and called Karen crying. She was very comforting and, hypothetically speaking, slapped me out of my hysteria.
But that was before I made my New Year's resolutions so it doesn't really count.

Speaking of job hunting.
I had a dream last night about a job interview.
It started out fine and I was like, this dream is gonna be good.
But then it turned on me.
I was sitting in one of those desk chairs on wheels and the stupid thing kept rolling around the desk and behind the lady who was interviewing me.
She had neck problems and couldn't turn around to look at me.
My legs were too short to keep the chair from moving.
And I didn't want to look stupid by slouching down in my chair so the whole interview was done with me sitting behind the woman.
Then she handed me an application to fill out, but when I tried to write, my coat expanded into this huge puffy thing that made my arms stick straight out.
I was the Michelin Man and there wasn't anything I could do about it.
Finally, the lady came around and poked her pen into my coat thus effectively deflating it.
But that just made things worse because the coat disappeared leaving me sitting there in my birthday suit.
And then I woke up sweating.

The nightmares of a job hunter...